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Imaginary Ecosystems

Imaginary Ecosystems is a collaborative project between Omer Eilam (synthesizers) and Paul Hübner (trumpet & electronics). Through free improvisation we create “sound organisms” and interact with them in a so-called

ecosystem of sounds.

The idea for the project started around 2015 when I was studying in The Institute of Sonology in The Hague and experimenting with generative music patterns. Like many other electronic musicians I was excited about the possibility of using computer algorithms to govern the "behaviour" a certain sound exhibits. Based on predefined rules different parameters of a sound – e.g. its timbre, pitch, loudness, etc. – can change over time in a process that tries to mimic the behaviour of real organisms in nature. When applying this idea to several sound organisms at once and letting them influence the behaviour of each other one can think of this scenario as an ecosystem of sounds.

The debut performance is schedule for May 1st, 2024 in the Raum für Klang und Architektur in Falkensee.

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