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What do I really want?

In reply to Young Omer’s question “what do you really want?” Old Omer said: I want to live in a fantasy world. A world not governed by the laws of Physics but by the laws of Music. Where there are no inherent physical limitations except for the ones imposed by each individual, and where each person is the composer of his own life and it is his only task to compose his life as harmoniously as possible (it cannot be any other way). There are no musical instruments, no genres, nothing is pre-ordained. Each choice, each thought, each action has a musical counterpart in the world which he always listens to. He can choose to fly and that has a certain musical flare to it: noisy, uptempo. Or he can choose to walk through walls and then everything sounds so incredibly near and claustrophobic. Dwelling on hate causes the most dissonant and deafening shriek and cultivating love can really move mountains because mountains too are made of sound. Everything is created anew all the time and everything is beautiful (it cannot be otherwise). In fact the musical side of reality is bound so tightly to the non-musical side that it is impossible to differentiate between the two: everything is music and music is everything. There is no beginning and no end, nothing stops and nothing pauses – everything is in eternal motion, ever-changing. To live is to compose ‘endless forms most beautiful’.

Tache Rouge by Wassily Kandinsky

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